Case Study + Brand Identity


Concept Research, Logo, Packaging, Web Design,
App Design, Social Media and Environmental Design


Instructors | Soonduk Krebs
Photography | Sandrien de Bruijn-Mesman

The Problem

 The physical and mental benefits derived from CBD have recently been emerging in the food and health market. Unfortunately, there are not many brands that specialize in CBD tea mixing which are appealing to the young professional, who may be experiencing stress-related anxiety.


A  modern and minimalistic brand expressed in contemporary tea packaging. Together, the experience of the tea and the store would be inviting people to learn more about the brand while also enjoying their drink in a calming atmosphere.


The brand needed to reflect a modern and minimal look, while also be informative to the customer.

Brand name mind map

Mood Board

Logo Development

To continue in a minimalistic look, the typography needed to be bold, contrasting, and rememberable. I explored how that would appear while including an icon that represented tea. I concluded on the simple shape of the teabag to outline the letter “t” in the name.

Brand Elements


Color Palatte

After extensive research, I concluded that the secondary color plate would in combination, reflect the flavors of the tea as well as the mood of the CBD. When dealing with stress and anxiety, looking at these colors bring a variety of feelings to help calm the mind and body.


Green | Green tea | Peace + Harmony

Orange | Citrus Chamomile | Happiness + Optimism

Yellow | Lemon Ginger | Creativity + Clarity

Purple | Berry Hibiscus | Sensuality + Charm


Icons + Patterns

Brand Application

Teabox, tea box carrier, loose leafs jars, tote bags, posters, employee aprons.

The simple colors of black and white serve as the main color palette, with accents of each tea brand color that are accompanied by their matching pattern and icon.

Brand Application 

Social Media


Desktop + Mobile
The website is informative for the customer to learn about the CBD and how it is good for
their bodies and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to buying at the store, the customer can
also purchase  the products online.

Desktop User Flow