Raise a Glass to the Past:
Speakeasy tasting + Distillery Tour

 Hybrid Invitation


App Design and Print Collateral


Instructors | Bryan Satallino, Dermot MacCormack
Photography | Sandrein de Bruijn-Mesman

Project Description

 Raise a Glass to the Past: Speakeasy Tasting and Distillery Tour is an event located in Las Vegas Nevada hosted by the Mob Museum. The current event was lacking a stylized branding and had the potential to be pushed to exciting and experimental ways. My challenge was not only to redesign the event but was also to bridge the physical and digital in a seamless experience.  I was set out to design and build a physical invitation to be mailed. This would include multiple components that would link an app to the physical invitation with the primary function of RSVPing to the event. The content on the app gives further event details including content that is better communicated digitally. 


My solution to the brief was to create physical components that gave settle details of what the event will be based around, without giving the full explanation. This intrigues the viewer to learn more by being invited to follow the QR code label on the back of the Gin bottle, which leads them to an app. The app gives full event details and features to RSVP and activate the mailed tickets.

Stylistically, I wanted to bridge the traditional ragtime style of the prohibition with modern features of bolder contrasting colors and photo editing. This can be seen more in the style of the app.

App User Flow