Kellogs Cereal
Illustration Campaign


Illustration + Packaging + Environmental


Instructor | Jason Kernavich

Project Description

As an illustration campaign, the objective of this project was to recreate the classic and iconic Kellogg’s cereals boxes into something new and illustrative. I researched current and dated cereal package designs that were done for the brand. Many of them feature the image of the cereal and a mascot. To differentiate from that style, I found in my research some of the original designs from the 1950’s such as corn flakes which featured corn stalk beautifully drawn in detail. I was inspired by the idea of creating each box to reflect its natural source of what each flavor is inspired by. This would make the packaging more applicable to a wider audience. Specifically, Froot loops which is a children’s sweet treat cereal, now show images of fruits in the jungle. During the process, I decided to keep the iconic color palette
of each box, as each has its own brand. This way, they are easily identifiable when being purchased
in the grocery store.


As developing the natural content of fruits, vines, leaves, and natural goodness, I developed the campaign to have a slogan. It only seemed best to call it “grow through life”, as it reflects the concept of the natural ingredients growing. The customer has had the cereal their whole life by growing up eating it. The campaign was expanded to Pins that could be featured as a cereal box “toy”. The poster campaign highlighted the slogan title in addition to close-ups of the illustrations and Kellogg’s logo.