Moravian Sparrow

Case Study + Brand Identity


Concept Research, Logo, Packaging, Web Design,
App Design, Social Media and Environmental Design


Instructors | Kelly Holohan, Dermot MacCormack
Photography | Austen Hart

Project Description

Tasked to create a brand identity for a restaurant of my choice. I settled on the idea of something personal to me and unique to Philadelphia. Having a mother from the Czech Republic, I grew
up spending my vacations with my grandparents. Often in the summers, we would take walks from the village to the forest to pick raspberries, red currants or wild mushrooms to bring back for cooking.
I would watch my mother and Babicka (grandmother) prepare our findings for dinner that
evening. A popular dish Babicka would make translates to English as Moravian Sparrow. It’s misleading yet traditionally reflects upon previous generations, however, there is no bird that is eaten.
It consists of pork and dumplings.  Many Czech dishes are warm and filling, inspired by the local crop and fruitful environments.


Moravian Sparrow invites the nostalgic feeling of the Czech Republic though traditional homemade food. The restaurant recreates the memories many Czechs have of spending weekends at their cottage or with their grandmother, “Babicka”.


 The inspiration for Moravian Sparrow is reflective of the nature and delicacy of  the Czech Republic.  This includes drawings of nature, flowers, trees and the surrounding landscape. Imagery of sparrows in the forest and cottages all tie in the name and the origin of babicka’s dish made in her village home. Nostalgia, simplicity and  friendliness were the feelings to be portrayed in the identity of the restaurant. The target audience is for families and anyone who craves a hearty filling dinner.


Primary Logo Process

It is important to incorporate the iconic figure of having a sparrow.  There were various styles explored from simple silhouette to a wood cut style.  Additionally, the logo needed to achieve a friendly and inviting style that would be spread in the rest of the identity.

The logo represents the delicate sparrow which is the name of the dish.  The blue-grey tone softens the line to be friendly while still being clean and sophisticated.  The berries on the branch contrast the bird with a deeper red that is taken from the Czech flag.  It also resembles a logo for a cuisine.  The type is kept in all lower case to cohesively tie the soft friendliness of the restaurant.  The uneven lines create the hand-done and rustic ambiance.

 Brand Assets


Color Palatte

Illustration + Patterns

Throughout the identity,  hand drawings of flowers, garnishes, and food are repeated in the menu and packaging. These spot illustrations act as symbols and space activators. The visual representations of going home to Babicka’s house are all accomplished by hand-drawn line illustrations.  The houses are drawn from photographs taken in the village of Krivice, in the Moravian region. This is the home of Babicka.  These drawings are used for the menu and website.

Brand Application

Restaurant menu, condiments, beer stein, wine bottle.

Moravian Sparrow is shown in the menu, canned goods and beer stein. Drawings of the homes and landscape cover the menu, and the same style is shown on the fabric for the jars.  A responsive logo is used to create a soft balance of space.


It is important that the website for Moravian Sparrow continued to show the delicate illustrations. Each page on the website is separated by the layers of the drawing that is re-created from the menu design.

Desktop User Flow

Cook Book

The cookbook encompasses all the food that would be served at the restaurant, for guests to be able to go home and learn to make these traditional dishes at home.